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About Us

We warmly welcome you to Inbo News, a multimedia platform for all the types of news which will satisfy both your curiosity and your craving for knowledge. In Inbo News we mainly cover four categories- business, technology, science, and health. In our business category, we write articles informing you about the rise and fall of stock markets, and the present business scenario covered globally.

In this column, there are two variants of articles, one for people who are already indulged in this game and also for those who are just starting up. In the technology column, you will mainly get news about various devices appearing in both local and international markets.

Starting from foldable phones to rolling TVs, these contents inform the readers the actual technological improvement of the world. The science column is for those who have a taste for science-related articled and want to know more about this field. Starting from NASA to projects launched by small science sectors, everything is included, because according to us no news is small news. In our health section, you will mainly find contents related to personal hygiene, medicines, fitness programmes, and healthy recipes.

In Inbo News we always deliver the perfect articles enriched in factual data and are free from any biases. Any feedback and reviews are always accepted since these pave the betterment of our website.

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